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    • Thanks for this, Porch. Teleporting has already been fixed, will get the rest of these relayed.
    • ·         Abusable safe spot at lizard shamans. ·         General Pathing. ·         Getting stuck at farming patch if clicking to fast in this certain spot fixed after you start picking the herbs. can also get stuck by standing in this spot after herbs have been planted. ·         Karambwanji spot in Falador could be abused, possibly lower the xp given. ·         Freezes client when searching for teleport at home teleporter. ·         Brutal dragons do not work. ·         Alching pets give nothing. ·         Emblem trader/bounty hunter store npc in rev caves doesn’t work. ·         Achievement diaries issues: ·         Ardougne problems:  In the hard task there is no fur stall to steal from (requires fur to be stolen not just stealing from a fur stall which gives a sickle). ·         Falador problems: Unable to mine any of the required ores (mithril in hard task, gem rocks in elite) since it requires the player to be in the dwarven mine. ·         The door which leads to the dwarven mine can’t be opened. ·         Lumbridge/draynor problems: Final elite task of performing the achievement cape emote in draynor cannot be done and doing the task the way it is done in osrs does not work either. ·         To open most doors the player needs to be directly in front of it. ·         Crafting guild door cannot be opened even with 99 crafting. ·         Slayer cape/max cape does not always teleport you to your current task when used. ·         Two range shops one with a few more items than the other, many people complained about since they did not know about it and couldn’t get the equipment they needed/wanted. ·         Glod can be safespotted in all wilderness boss spawns ·         Max cape does not have the exact same effects as some of the skill capes; perk only works some of the time (woodcutting, mining, and fishing). ·         Kandarin headgear and goblin mask make the character appear headless ·         A graceful piece can only be colored once, to get a different color you have to buy a new graceful piece and color that. ·         Bracelet of ethereum uses too much revenant ether (put in +1k ran out after 6 kills) ·         The teleport option on achievement diary items does not work ·         Using a bp at skotizo (or killing it very fast) makes the dark alters spawn faster and more frequent ·         At skotizo to kill the alters the player has to be standing in front of it in the square next to the alter, but if it is clicked on to attack  while the player is not in this spot the player will run and stop 2 squares away from it (only equipped with melee weapon). ·         Tele blocking does not work ·         In raids the axe and tinderbox can’t be picked up
    • Not very accurate at all anymore, I'd imagine.
    • Antidote ++ and you can get it by mixing an irit (unf) with magic roots.
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